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This is the point of entry for the BRUIT-FM project (project ANR-21-CE01-0031). You will find links to descriptions of the project parts and to project management pages. We will try to keep this site up-to-date with the “big-picture” items, whereas the project managment pages let you communicate, share documents and plan. There are project management pages for the overall project and for each work package. Subpackages can have their own project managment page if need be.

The Project

Benchmarks, Sample Code and other helpful stuff


There is a post-doctoral position available at IFREMER on signal processing and data science applied to marine seismology starting Spring/Summer 2022

Work Packages

Web Page Project Management
WP1: Coordination, Management and Animation Overall Project Page
WP2: Full Seafloor Spectrum Page
WP3: The Generation of Global Seismological Noise Page
WP4: Seafloor Signal Separation and Noise Removal Page
WP5: Seafloor Soundscape Page

Other Documents