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WP2: Full Seafloor Spectrum

This WP consolidates the cross-WP tasks of dataset selection and validation, reducing work in each WP and choosing datasets with more cross-WP interest. This WP will also quantify seismological noise levels and compile a a full-spectrum vision of the results of WPs 3-5.

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Number Title Responsable Status
T2.1 Dataset selection and validation @WayneCrawford, Eleonore, Guilhem not started
T2.2 Pressure noise bounds @WayneCrawford not started
T2.3 Noise source catalog @WayneCrawford, Kinda? not started


Number Title Due Date Status
D2.1 Catalogue of available OBS data and characteristics M12 not started
D2.2 Low and High noise reference levels for OBS M36 not started
D2.3 Seismological noise source catalog M44 not started

Possible OBS datasets

See here


Task 2.1: Dataset identification and validation

● 2.1.1: Catalogue existing databases and their characteristics (access method, region, sensors, seasons…) ● 2.1.2: Evaluate the interest of each dataset according to the needs of WPs 3-5 ● 2.1.3: Select data sets based on the above criteria ● 2.1.3: Validate data access and specify the access method for each selected data set

Task 2.2: Pressure noise bounds

For the chosen data sets and other large or spatially isolated datasets, we will confirm instrument responses and calculate Probabilistic Power Spectral Densities to determine upper and lower bounds of seafloor pressure signals.

Task 2.3: Seismological noise source catalog

Combining the noise sources identified by WPs 3-5 with other sources in the scientific literature.