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WP3: The Generation of Global Seismological Noise

This WP will develop an integrated model of seafloor and land seismological noise validated by measurements. We will use broadband datasets from the Pacific, Indian Ocean and Atlantic oceans to generate noise models and evaluate the key features of each ocean.

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Number Title Responsable Status
T3.1 Sources and effects of spatio-temporal variations in seafloor noise: @Stutzmann not started
T3.2 Sources of seafloor/global noise @Stutzmann not started
T3.3 An integrated seafloor/global noise model @Stutzmann, FabriceArdhuin not started


Number Title Due Date Status
D3.1 Catalog of wave-generated noise sources M36 not started
D3.2 Scientific articles M24-48 not started


Task 3.1: Spatio-temporal variations in seafloor noise, both sources and effects.

Task 3.2: Sources of seafloor/global noise

Task 3.3: An integrated seafloor/global noise model


Risks are fairly low as we developed the techniques and know in what areas they can be improved or modified to apply to the seafloor environment.