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Here is an example of seafloor data and its cleaning using Wayne’s codes

Wayne’s processing module

Wayne’s code is called tiskit and it’s available online at github. It uses obspy. Please install obspy first following their installation instructions, then install tiskit within your obspy environment using the instructions on the tiskit webpage. I think the obspy environment will contain all of the modules needed for tiskit, please tell me if this is not so.

There is a problem with tiskit, which makes it not reduce noise on the data stream as much as it should (compare the top plot below, which is what tiskit is currently getting, to the bottom plot, which is what it should get.)

Files to download

The script requires tiskit 0.2

Run the script using python3 When you run it for the first time, the CleanRotator will download an earthquake catalog to your directory.

Images of results should output the following image, which compares the PSDs obtained from: