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Here is an example of seafloor data and its cleaning using the python tiskit code


tiskit is documented at, including how to install, examples and a complete description of each component class.


Installation instructions are found in the documentation. Unfortunately, if you install using pip install tiskit, tiskit will be named tiskit-py and you will need to modify line 10 of from

from tiskit import CleanRotator, SpectralDensity, DataCleaner


from tiskit-py import CleanRotator, SpectralDensity, DataCleaner

If anything does not work for you, please tell Wayne or, better yet, leave an issue at the development website.

Files to download

The script requires tiskit 0.3

Run the script using python3 When you run it for the first time, CleanRotator will download an earthquake catalog to your directory.

Images of results should plot the orginal power spectral densities for the four channels, then the following image, which compares the PSDs obtained from: