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Meetings and Events

Management meetings are scheduled every 6 months (Management comittee + WP leaders)

Project meetings are scheduled once a year, an ANR report will be made after each one

WP/task meetings will be held as needed.

Should there be a “jour fixe” (2h/month) for the WP/task meetings, so that people can block off a date on their calendar?

Date(s) Description Site Link Report
7 Apr 2022 Managment Meeting virtual    
7 Apr 2022 Kick-off Meeting IPGP salle 108 Zoom  
1 Oct 2022 WP updates      
1 Mar 2023 Project Meeting      
1 Mar 2024 Project Meeting      
1 Mar 2025 Project Meeting      
15 Feb 2026 Closing Meeting IPGP?